Aadhaar Pay App Download : Pay Using IDFC Aadhar Pay App

Currently, the transaction limit on Aadhaar enabled payments system is ₹10,000.

Aadhaar Pay App: When Indian government under the ruling of Narendra Modi. Banned the 1000 and 500 rupees notes in the month of Nov in 2016. This is due to abolish the Back Money. And one more reason is to encourage the Digital India by cashless transactions.
Almost Two months effect of Demonetization, Cash fewer transactions are increased by Card swiping and mobile payment apps. After that government has increased the withdraw limit in the ATM's, Cashless transactions are decreased. Do you heard about Aadhaar Pay app, Get more stuff related to this application.

Aadhaar Pay App

IDFC Aadhaar Pay App Download

Most of the cashless transactions are decreased due to extra surcharges cutting from the account, and small merchants are not able to have the swiping machines and mobile apps due to more restrictions on the max limits in the mobile apps. And recently most of the ATM centers are not having the cash in the ATM machines. By this incidents, people are facing the transaction problems for regular shoppings.

IDFC Aadhaar Pay Apps APK Download : Aadhar Payment APP

Now Indian government concentrated on overcoming the small merchants who are not able to maintain the swiping machines and mobile app with low limits.

How to Download Aadhar Pay App APK?

The Aadhar Payment App is the latest Android smartphone application being launched by the IDFC Bank in association with the government to encourage the use of digital payments. Here are the steps you can download it and use the IDFC Aadhar payment system. Shri Narendra Modi also released Bhim app download for iPhone, Android and windows phones.
  1. Visit the Google Play store
  2. Search Aadhar Pay or Aadhar Payment Apps
  3. Click and open the application
  4. Then click on Install button as you install various apps
  5. After downloading the app, you just need to make sure all permission would be granted.

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What is Aadhaar Payment App ??

There are lots of payment apps in the market. These are the UPI apps, SBI Pay, Paytm, Phonepe, Freecharge, mobile wallets etc. But, the Aadhaar Payment App is special. It will make our life very easy. Can you imagine such an app which don’t require a mobile phone?
Yes, you can pay through the Aadhaar Payment App without phone. It is possible because you the customer does not require the app. The merchant or a person, who want money, have to arrange a smartphone, app, etc. The payer don’t require anything. Isn’t so good !! In fact, this app is made for the merchants and shopkeepers. It is not for you, You would only enjoy its benefits.

The Aadhaar Payment App uses your fingerprints for the authentication. On the basis of this authentication, the money is paid from your Aadhaar linked account.

Benefits of Aadhaar payment App

Now you are aware about the ease of the Adhaar Payment app. It is easy to customer as merchants need to arrange for the smartphone, App and fingerprint scanner. Let us compile the benefits of the Aadhaar Payment app.

  1. Customers need not to have an android phone or any other technology to make payments.
  2. No service tax or any other extra charge on the payments using Aadhaar payments app.
  3. There is no need to carry debit card or credit card.
  4. No need to remember PINs, MPIN's and passwords.
  5. Instant Payments through aadhaar bridge system this is similar to Aadhaar Enabled Payment system (AEPS).
  6. Affordable payment solution for merchants as well as customers.

How to pay using Aadhaar Payment App?

It is very easy to pay using Aadhar card Payment app. There is no need to make use of internet connection, credit/debit card etc to use this app. We have listed out simple steps on how to use the app. Give a glance!
  1. Enter your UDIAI aadhar card number.
  2. Select your bank.
  3. Scan your finger on the biometric sensor. Your finger scan will help as a password and the transaction will be performed.

Requirement For This Method of Payment

The Adhaar payment app does not require any gazette and physical things from the customer. However, a customer should remember his/ her Aadhaar number and keep its finger clean. That is enough from customer’s side.

Customers Requirement

  • Your Aadhaar number
  • A bank account linked with Aadhaar
  • Clean Fingers

Merchants Requirements

On the other hand the merchant have to make more arrangements. These are the requirement for the person who want payment.
  • Smartphone
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • Aadhaar Payment App
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Bank account

Limitations of Aadhaar Payment App

  • Aadhar payment App makes the payment very easy for the customer, but merchants has to bear extra cost of fingerprint scanner. However, it is one time expense and cheaper than existing POS machine. The price of fingerprint scanner starts from Rs 2000.
  • You can’t use this system of payment for person to person transfer as fingerprint scanner is necessary.
  • The app works on internet, it makes this system worthless in no coverage area or weak coverage.
  • The unreliable internet connection can be an irritant. It can also turn into a headache.

Aadhaar Payment App Vs UPI Apps

The comparison of Adhaar Payment app with the UPI apps are natural. Both of these apps transfers money instantly. The mechanism of both these apps are also similar. However, Both of these apps are better to each other according to the situation.
When it is the case of person to person fund transfer, the UPI apps are better as this doesn’t require fingerprint scanner. Smartphones are common and only payer requires this app.
On the other hand, at merchant shop, the Adhaar Payment apps would be a better option as it is swift and does not require a smartphone or internet from the customers end. Aadhar Payment app has the potential to be more popular in rural area.

Adhar Card Payment App Bank List

Adhar Payment App Bank List
State Bank of IndiaCanara BankVijaya Bank
Allahabad BankCorporation BankICICI Bank
Andhra BankOriental Bank of Commerce(OBC)Axis Bank
Bank of IndiaPNB BankHDFC Bank
Bank of BarodaUCO BankCo-operative Bank

Aadhar Card Payment System Apps Video

The investment is very minimum as compared to POS. You need a Smartphone and Biometric scanner. The Price of Smartphone is Rs. 4000 and Biometric Scanner price is Rs. 2000 total Rs. 6000. If you want to buy Mobile with Fingerprint scanner, then you don’t need to buy the Biometric device.

The officials of the government said that almost 40 crore Aadhaar numbers have already linked to bank accounts. The number is equivalent to the half of the adults in India. The aim of the government is to link all bank accounts with Aadhaar by March, 2017. If it goes well, the India will see a boom towards a cashless economy.

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